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For Kayli/the-metaphysical-shinigami - How I weave in my loose threads when I change colours (and this is by no means a definitive best way to do it, probably).

Photo 1: Here I’ve woven the thread in through the loops of the knitting.

Photo 2: Pulling the wool not crazy tight, but enough so the stitches bunch up a little.

Photo 3: Trim the wool left - I trim my wool on an angle as I find it is less noticeable than a bluntly cut piece of wool.

Photo 4: Here I have pulled the stitches back out again to the left so they aren’t all bunched up - this means the bit sticking out that was trimmed has now been pulled into the knitting.

I hope this is vaguely helpful - I’m so sleepy that maybe it is useless ^__^;;

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    Oh yay, I’m glad it is useful :D These scarves are so much work, but when you get them all done it all feels worth it....
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    I cant begin to tell you how helpful this is! Its not useless in anyway. Thank you so much for putting these pictures...
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    This is totally how I weave in ends, too!